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My Media Bin: Birds Got Swing

gravatar Mya Thompson

Bird songs to imitate and marvel at from our Birds Got Swing video collaboration with Maria Schneider and Theo Bleckmann.

ML Audio 107963 Notes
Gavia immer -- Common Loon; 30 May 1992; United States, New York; ;
The duets of the Common Loon are particularly beautiful and remind Maria of her Minnesota home.
ML Audio 22930 Notes
Zenaida macroura -- Mourning Dove; 6 Jun 1960; United States, California; song;
Mourning Doves sing at pitches close to the human range so are relatively easy to imitate. Give it a try.
ML Audio 8897 Notes
Cyphorhinus arada arada -- Musician Wren (Musician); 5 May 1961; Venezuela, Bolívar; song;
Theo toys with the Musician Wren's song at the start of the video. It's one of the world's most musical birds, listen and you'll hear why.
ML Audio 66757 Notes
Zonotrichia albicollis -- White-throated Sparrow; 8 May 1958; Canada, Ontario; song;
Maria loves this bird because of the swinging rhythm of its song. Can you hear it, and swing along?
ML Audio 53166 Notes
Botaurus lentiginosus -- American Bittern; 22 May 1991; United States, New York; advertise; ; call; ; mechanical sound;
Maria challenged Theo to try the American Bittern's "pump-er-lunk" song because it reminds her of a toilet plunger. He nailed it, can you?
ML Audio 59964 Notes
Nyctibius griseus -- Common Potoo; 6 Jun 1963; Venezuela, Guárico; ;
Theo masterfully imitated the haunting voice of the Common Potoo. Try it yourself.